Mongolia Projects & Investment Summit: 17-19 November 2014, Hong Kong

Vice Minister of Mining explains the opportunities for investors allocating to Mongolia at Mines and Money Hong Kong 2014


The Mongolia Projects & Investment Summit Hong Kong has strongly cemented its position, over the last five years, as the world’s largest Mongolian investment event. 2014 has been, so far, a turbulent one for Mongolia. FDI levels have continued to fall, Phase II of Oyu Tolgoi has yet to be resolved and the country is going through difficult macroeconomic times.

The fifth annual Mongolia Projects and Investment Summit is a forum which will assess the current and future investment environment constructively, productively and in the context of the above challenges. The government is moving in the right direction to address the departure of foreign investment. The Investment Law, the amended Mining Law and a drive toward PPP shows this. Mongolia’s GDP continues to show high growth and there is enormous opportunity in a country which enjoys a relatively stable democracy and vast mineral resources.

The question playing on investors’ minds, and which will be answered at the summit, is what tangible progress and action plans have the government made to attract foreign investment into Mongolia since last November?

For the first time the Mongolian Projects and Investment Summit is truly diversifying outside of the mining sector. Sectors which have real opportunities for investors such as real estate, agriculture, construction, energy and infrastructure will be examined in detail.

This conference is the only place where you can meet with seasoned domestic and international business experts on Mongolia; leading institutional and other investor types operating in the country; established analysts from around the world and key, decision making governmental representation.

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